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At Route 77 Motors LLC, we’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always choose us for your maintenance and repair needs.

For most people, auto maintenance and repair is not fun or convenient. So, we want to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. We genuinely care about your car and your experience, and it shows. Our first-time customers continually become our long term customers time and time again, choosing us for all their auto needs.

We may not be related, but you’ll feel like we’re family.

computer diagnostics


Nothing is more frustrating than having a problem with your car or truck and not knowing what it is. Additionally, chasing mechanical issues can be costly. Our staff offers a full suite of diagnostic services for your vehicle. We will run a series of checks and computer diagnostics to pinpoint the exact problem so the problem can be fixed and fixed right. Call us today or stop in, to schedule diagnostic services.


Do you need an inspection for your vehicle? We offer state safety inspections for all makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs, and we are a state certified inspection center. We will inspect your vehicle, and if any problems are found, you can count on us for quality repair services. Call Route 77 Motors, LLC today at 603-529-7700

engine repair

Engine & Transmission Repair and Replacement

Engines and transmissions are the lifeblood of any vehicle, and when they stop working right, they can stop you in your tracks. That is why we offer complete engine and transmission repairs and replacement. Whether you need basic repairs such as a tune-up or fluid changes, or you need a full replacement, our experienced technicians can do the required work correctly, and at a price, you can afford. Not sure what you need? We will evaluate your vehicle, so you know what repairs are needed. Call us today to schedule a no-hassle appointment.

new tires

Tires, Brakes & Suspension

Tires, brakes, and suspension are vital to the safe operation of your vehicle. At Route 77 Motors LLC, we offer full suspension and brake services as well as a wide selection of affordable tires for every make and model. Whether you need new brakes, tire rotation, or shocks and struts, count on our mechanics to get your repairs completed quickly so you can be on your way!

Exhaust & Routine Maintenance


Is your car loud? Do you need to change filters and fluids? We offer complete exhaust services as well as routine maintenance for all your vehicles. Whether you are need a new catalytic converter or muffler, or you need new plugs, wires, and filters, we can help. No matter what you need for your vehicle you can count on us. We will get the work done fast, and at a price, you can afford. Call us today at 603-529-7700.

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